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Where to Place Your EverestAir at Home

By Levoit

Feb 22, 2023   |    3 min read

Create the perfect atmosphere at home using our newest product, the Levoit EverestAir™ Smart True HEPA Air Purifier. We're pushing boundaries and reaching new heights with our reinvention of air purification, having already received the iF Design Award and German Innovation Award.  

With features such as Auto Mode, 3-stage filtration, the updated AirSight Plus™ Technology 2.0, and much more, the EveresrtAir is the modern enhancement for any space. You can also bring fresh air to even the most complicated of locations with the newest adjustable angled vent design. Like any piece of furniture that naturally fits into your home, learn how the EveresrtAir's thoughtful design can complement any space without compromising results.  

In the Kitchen

Your kitchen is a place filled with creation, cooking, and delight. However, with culinary preparation comes gases, grease, and odors. Placing an air purifier in your kitchen will help to neutralize these lingering pollutants so you don't need to worry about smelling like your breakfast when you leave the house.  

Positioning your air purifier near the source of smell with clearance from other objects will improve your environment and capture particles for a deeper clean. Just make sure you avoid placement near high-humidity areas, such as by hot stoves, so your air purifier can function properly. 

In the Living Room

The living room is a popular location to put an air purifier for consistently clean breathing. Whether guests are over, or you are simply watching TV in the hub of the house, keeping your air clear of allergens and pollutants will pave the way for better health. 

Placing your air purifier away from corners in areas with optimized airflow will improve its productivity and effectiveness. The EverestAir's different vent angle rotations also help avoid obstacles for continuously refreshed air. Using 45°, 60°, 75°, and 90° angles, fixed vents are simply a thing of the past—reach every angle, no matter what. You can effortlessly avoid your furniture and reach pollutants in the air even with high ceilings. Your home's air should be clean, we'll make sure of it.

In the Bedroom

Sleep is essential to your well-being and your bedroom should be set up to provide for this, air quality included. Using an air purifier in your room can help reduce snoring, diminish allergens, and improve overall sleep quality with nightly use, setting you up for a refreshed morning. 

Put the air purifier near your bed to consistently refresh the air closest to where you breathe and keep it running, even while you rest. Bedrooms contain plenty of bedding and fabrics that quickly accumulate pollutants such as dust and lint. Place the air purifier in the room to reduce these irritants from your air for the undisturbed sleep you deserve.

Air purifiers are an effective way to keep your home thoroughly clean for your healthiest self. Whether in the kitchen, living room, or bedroom, the EverestAir's powerful filtration and sleek design can elevate any area. Clean air is essential to your health, and we are here to deliver that. We made no compromises in quality and neither should you.

source: https://levoit.com/blog/where-to-place-your-everestair-at-home