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Why You Should Be Using a Humidifier for the Upcoming Season ?

By VeSync

September 8, 2023   |    3 min read

As the temperature begins to drop and the air turns chilly, the autumn and winter season brings with it a host of challenges that can take a toll on our health and well-being. From dry skin and chapped lips to irritated sinuses and scratchy throats, the winter air can be harsh on our bodies. 

Fortunately, there's a simple yet effective solution that can help alleviate these issues and create a more comfortable indoor environment – a humidifier.

Types of Winter-Related Problems 

The onset of winter often brings about a drop in humidity levels. As a result, the air indoors becomes dry and lacks the moisture necessary for maintaining optimal health. This dry air can lead to a range of discomforts, such as: 

  • Dry Skin and Chapped Lips: Low humidity levels can strip our skin and lips of essential moisture, leaving them dry, cracked, and prone to irritation.  
  • Irritated Sinuses and Congestion: Dry air can cause the delicate lining of our nasal passages to become dry and irritated, leading to congestion, nosebleeds, and discomfort. 
  • Increased Susceptibility to Illness: Dry air can weaken the body's defense mechanisms, making us more susceptible to infections like colds, flu, and other respiratory issues. 

How Humidifiers Can Help 

Humidifiers are devices designed to add moisture back into the air, effectively counteracting the negative effects of dry indoor environments. By increasing humidity levels, humidifiers offer a range of benefits: 

  • Skin and Lip Care: Proper humidity levels can help keep skin and lips hydrated, preventing dryness, flakiness, and irritation. 
  • Sinus Relief: Humidifiers help maintain the moisture in the nasal passages, reducing congestion, preventing nosebleeds, and easing sinus discomfort. 
  • Respiratory Health: Optimal humidity levels support the respiratory system's natural defenses, reducing the risk of respiratory infections and promoting overall lung health. 

Meet the Levoit Oasismist 600S Smart Humidifier 


Introducing the solution to all your winter-related discomforts – the Levoit Oasismist 600S Smart Humidifier. This cutting-edge device combines technology and functionality to provide you with a comfortable and healthy living space during the winter months. 


The Oasismist 600S offers a range of features designed to make your life easier: 

  • Smart Control: With its smart capabilities, the Oasismist 600S can be controlled remotely using VeSync app. Adjust humidity levels, set timers, and create personalized schedules with ease. 
  • Large Capacity: Equipped with a water tank of 6L, this humidifier can run for hours without constant refilling, ensuring consistent moisture in the air. 
  • Ultra-Quiet Operation: The Oasismist 600S operates silently, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of added humidity without any disruptive noise. 
  • Aromatherapy Compatibility: Enhance your indoor environment by adding essential oils to the built-in aroma box, creating a soothing ambiance along with moisturized air.