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Making the best use of your humidifier

By Levoit

December 05, 2022   |    3 min read

Your humidifier is an advantageous tool in many aspects of your daily time routine. From better skin to better sleep, moisturized air works wonders for your general wellness after a sunny day out. Get the most out of your humidifier by following proper care routines for the TLC you both deserve.

Always Use Distilled Water

Make sure your humidifier lives a long, quality life in your home by filling the tank with room temperature distilled water. Using better water keeps your humidifier clean of mineral buildup for longer and can reduce the risk of mold growth in your tank. You wouldn’t want to be breathing in bacteria or excessive minerals the water carries. Your body is a temple—keep the impurities out of it.

Clean, Clean, Clean

No matter what you do, stagnant water sitting in the tank can still become a breeding ground for algae and bacterial growth, and a humidifier can send an army of contamination into your air and your body. While using distilled water can reduce the risks of dangerous particles, emptying your humidifier and wiping any residue weekly is the most surefire way to keep your air healthy.  

To clean, remove the water tank, filter, and base chamber of your humidifier and rinse with room temperature water to clear any contaminating build ups. Make sure all the pieces are dry before replacing the water in the tank to welcome back moisturized air.

Descale Your Humidifier

Occasionally descaling the water tank is important to maintain healthy conditions for both you and your humidifier. To do this, it’s time to pull out the classic kitchen cleaner: vinegar. Pour 3 US cups of distilled white vinegar into the water tank and let it soak for 15–20 minutes, where it will drain into the base chamber and loosen up any mineral build up before dumping. You can also use a soft bristle brush to remove any caked-up deposit that the vinegar doesn’t get off. Make sure to also soak the float, filter, and noise silencer in vinegar before rinsing everything in water and drying completely before reassembly.

Placement is Key

Where you place your humidifier can make all the difference between perfect humidity and lackluster results. Airflow is essential to the productivity of your humidifier and will evenly disperse the moisture throughout your space. While it may be easiest to place your humidifier in a corner and forget about it, take extra steps to place it in a central location of the room where it can get the best airflow. Never let moisture become your enemy by pointing the mist away from objects that shouldn’t get wet such as outlets and walls. You should enjoy the humidity, not be remedying any damage it can cause to your electronics or paint.  

Humidifier can be a great tool in improving your overall health and environment. Make sure to take steps to maximize the benefits of your humidifier so that your relationship with humidity can always be a good one.

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