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Anniversary Sale Sweepstakes Guide — Go Win!

By VeSync

April 17, 2024   |    3 min read

Looking for something exciting? Are you ready to make the most out of our 3rd Anniversary Sale Sweepstakes?

Get ready to celebrate as the VeSync Store approaches its 3rd birthday soon! Join us as we will set up a grand celebration. Sign up for our anniversary event and participate in our sweepstakes, where you stand a chance to win incredible rewards!

Here's your comprehensive guide to ensuring you maximize your chances of winning big during this special event.


$200 off an order of $201+
White noise machine for $1
Exercise dumbbell for $9
Smart air fryer for $19
50% off select products
30% off select products
20% off select products
10% off all products

Understand the Rules: Before diving into the excitement of the sweepstakes, take a moment to carefully read through the official rules and regulations. Make sure you meet all eligibility requirements and understand how the sweepstakes works. 

1.How to SIGN UP for our anniversary event? 

Sign in and tap "Sign Up". You will receive a confirmation email after you sign up successfully. 


2.How to JOIN our Sweepstakes?

Sign Up & Join Our Sweepstakes

Only users who have signed up for the anniversary event can join our prize draw. 

3. How to get MORE CHANCES for the sweepstakes? 

From April 17–23, you have the opportunity to earn up to 15 chances in our sweepstakes! You can earn chances by: 

1. Participants will receive one (1) chance by signing in VeSync Store and clicking “Sign Up.”

2. Participants will receive one (1) additional chance per day per account by clicking the appropriate link on the Landing Page and viewing at least 10 seconds. 

3. Participants will receive one (1) additional chance per day per account by using the share button on the Landing Page with a friend (using the Instagram, Message, Mail,Facebook, or Twitter platforms. )

4. How to REDEEM your rewards? 

All rewards will take the form of coupons. The coupon will appear in your account immediately. You can use it at checkout. 
The signup and sweepstakes start from April 17–23, 2024 PDT. Remember to use your chances before the Sweepstakes ends. 

Remember that the Anniversary Sale Sweepstakes is not just about winning prizes—it's also about celebrating with us and enjoying exclusive offers, discounts, and promotions during this special time. Soak in the excitement and have fun participating in the sweepstakes! 

By following these tips and tricks, you'll be well-prepared to make the most of our Anniversary Sale Sweepstakes. 

Get ready to shop, enter, and potentially win amazing prizes as we celebrate this milestone together!