360 S9 Robot Vacuum and Mop

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360 S9 Robot Vacuum and Mop

Ultrasonic & LiDAR Dual-eye Navigation | Laser Mapping Your Room | 3-Stage Water Adjustment | Patented Dual Noise Reduction Design | Please download the 360Robot app for device control and more smart

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09/08/2022 Color: White
Excellent robot vacuum with great flexibility
We love this new vacuum. The cleaning power is excellent, the features such as no-go and room mapping are excellent. I feel that this vacuum is a great bargain. In my opinion, this unit has better suction, better flexibility with the ability to schedule specific rooms to be clean, and it can mop (for what that is worth). I would highly recommend this vacuum.
08/12/2022 Color: White
Worth the money
The S9 LiDAR Dual-Eye Vacuum+Mop Combo Robot Cleaner is a welcome addition in my household! I have 2 dogs that shed terribly so my house constantly looks like i need to sweep and vacuum, even if I've just done it the day before. The S9 LiDAR Dual-Eye Vacuum+Mop Robot has really helped take a load off me when it comes to these certain chores. After reading through the manual, I proceeded to set up the Robot as I followed along the instructions again. The instructions were clear for the most part and set up was easy. It then will create the maps of your floors. The robot can hold multiple floorplans so it makes cleaning different floors much easier. You can also create no go zones, or zones you would like double passes in. The Robot cleans all surfaces and tell hardwood floors from carpet so it knows which areas to mop. The Vacuum and mop functions both work great and I have zero complaints. I love that you can have the robot vacuum and mop at the same time! So convenient! You can adjust the suction strength of the vacuum and the wetness level of the mop. When the suction is at the highest, it can get a little loud but I find that I would rather listen to an annoying noise for a bit in order to get my floors the cleanest possible. If the battery ever dies, it knows to go to its dock to recharge and it will finish up where it left off once its fully charged. It also comes with 2 reusable mop pads. I am very happy with the S9 LiDAR Dual-Eye Vacuum+Mop Combo Robot Cleaner and cant recommend it enough!
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WARNING: California's Proposition 65


1. Precision LiDAR Navigation: 360 S9 robot vacuum with advanced LiDAR navigation, enables better accuracy, faster mapping, more robust performance in bypassing obstacles, and more efficient route planning. 360 S9 keeps cleaning all the time effectively with SLAM navigation.
2. Upgraded 2650 Super Suction: Thanks to a max suction power of 2,650 Pa and 4 adjustable suction levels, quiet/standard/mighty/max, S9 effectively gets rid of pet hair, dust, dirt, and debris from the floor. When it is identified carpet, it boosts suction power and provides powerful cleaning.
3. Comprehensive App Control: You can see exact mopping and vacuuming routes, where carpets are, set cleaning schedules, adjust suction power, water flow, cleaning sequencing, No-Go zones, invisible walls, and more with the 360 Robot App.
4. Vacuum & Mop 2-in-1: 360 S9 robot vacuum cleaner and mop combo could vacuum, mop or do both simultaneously. It automatically returns to the charging dock when the battery is lower than 20%, then continues where it left off.
5. Multi-floor Map Management: The S9 provides multi-floor map management through the 360 Robot App, it can save at most 5 maps plus 5 recent maps. It comes with anti-drop sensors to prevent it from falling downstairs.
6. Tips for Carpets Cleaning: 360 S9 robot vacuum is suitable for low pile or medium pile carpets within 0.79in (2cm) thickness; and if you want to vacuum, please take away the mop bracket in case it is stuck.

First-time use of 360 S9 Robot Vacuum and Mop:
1. Let your robot vacuum start cleaning from the charging dock and complete the whole house cleaning to create a map. Then you could use the selective room cleaning and area cleaning features.
2. Move cables out of the way or set up a no-go line, and no-go zones to avoid tangling.
3. Once the first whole house cleaning is finished and the map is built, 360 S9 would find the most efficient cleaning route for the next time cleaning.

For App Connection:
Search "App Connection Guide for 360 S9" on Youtube to get a video instruction about how to connect the device to the app if you don't know how to get your 360 S9 connected.


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